Soham Chakraborty

I am a Computer Science Engineering Undergraduate in Netaji Subhash Engineering College, a Web Developer and a ML & AI Enthusiast.

Currently I'm Working With MERN Stack Developement,Contact with me if you have a interesting project,Will Work Together For That.Besides Of Academics My Hobby Is To Play Guitar & Listening To Songs.

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I'm interested in Competitive Coding,Software Developement,Web Developement,Machine Learning,Artificial Intelligence. I'm Always Interested To Learn New Things Everyday,a Good Listener & a Hard Learner Who Always Up For Amazing Project Ideas.

Rock,Paper & Scissors

Famous Rock,Paper,Scissors Game made with Vanilla Javascript.

ABC High School

A High School Website Made With Bootstrap & Jquery.

Google Fonts

A Dummy Website Like Google Fonts Where User Can Choose their fonts,Customise and Save.Made with PHP,Jquey,Bootstrap.

W3 Schools

A Website Like W3 Schools Made With Bootstrap & Jquery.

I've Taken The Template From Here